Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Studmuffin: Kansas City Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli

Scott Pioli gets this week's SS wink for pulling off the Matt Cassel deal. This is arguably the biggest free-agency deal thus far, maybe even more so than the pile of money Albert Haynesworth got for joining the Dan Snyder club. And everyone's got a take on it.
Bill Williamson thinks the deal had to be done. Sports Illustrated's Don Banks figures the Patriots could've gotten a lot more out of KC. Tim Graham suggests that both clubs now have more ability to draft position players and get younger. Turd burglar Adam Schefter reports that other teams, including the Denver Broncos, were in the mix for obtaining Cassel. Had they pulled the trigger, Jay Jams would've gone to Tampa or Detroit, which allegedly didn't sit that well with him.

And as usual, the gang at Arrowhead Pride has put in some solid work on the deal.

Thanks to them, and much more to come on this deal later this weekend.


Cecil said...

If we had traded Jay Cutler in order to get Matt Fucking Cassel, the day after I lost my job, then I...I...bruh splut grah.

The Lone Reader said...

Carl who?

Great move by the Chiefs.

The Pats were in a bad spot, so the 2nd round pick is not surprising.

Here's my concern ... we really didn't have a big problem scoring points last year. Let's see what we do with the defense.

It's a good day to be a Chiefs fan. Great work by Arrowhead Pride.



P.S. Banky, no props to TLR for keepin' you informed? Ouch.
P.P.S. Cutler blows. Seems the Broncos new coach knows it too.

bankmeister said...

Yes. Of course. Props to TLR, who called me/Skyped me within 90 seconds of the three other phone calls and text message I got. Sheesh. I've said it before: Just join the staff, already.