Monday, February 2, 2009

Your Obligatory Post-Super-Sunday Post

Alright, alright, DKC. Little game called the Super Bowl happened yesterday. I have in fact heard of it. A couple of pointless thoughts on it after the jump.

1) First and foremost, you have to review that final play. Without question. Even if it's a hail-mary long shot, it's a shot.

2) Gotta feel bad for Kurt Warner. Incredible season.

3) I guess getting busted for weed and showing your dong on the Internet in the same season translates to Super Bowl MVP.

4) I can't decide if yesterday's offensive-coordinator coaching performance has changed my opinion on whether or not Todd Haley becomes the new head coach of the Chiefs.

5) Worst selection of Super Bowl commercials in a long time. Have they been getting worse the last few years?

6) Great freakin' game, though.

7) The first thing I'll do upon arriving home will be to scope the porn that aired during the SB broadcast in Arizona.

8) I read this morning that some have viewed Bruce Springsteen's agreeance to perform at halftime as a sellout. I am in disagreeance with that claim.

9) Prior to this post-season, I only acknowledged the existence of the oft-expressed sentiment that Steelers fans are a giant collection of tools. I now subscribe to the theory. Whole-heartedly.

10) I heard over the weekend that when the Indianapolis Colts won Super Bowl XLI, the team sent the then recently departed Edgerrin James a ring. That's got to be one of the lamest gestures ever.

I have this same predicament every year, and when I figure it out, I never write it down. Perhaps I should start. What is it that we do when football season ends? I enjoy hockey and gearing up for baseball spring training, and the draft isn't that far away, but criminy. Life without football is a step down.


Dylan said...

My own little mention..on the front page of the House, nonetheless. I feel as if I'm gettin' places these days.
As far as 10) Whats lame? Getting a ring or not showing up to receive it?
As far as 1-10, in whole, you should just tell those young kids to get off of your lawn..already.

bankmeister said...

I have. Then I showered them with my cayenne pepper gun. They ain't been back since.

Cecil said...

Not only is the draft not far away, but that fact combined with my own incipient unemployment means you'll all be reading a lot about it in the coming months.

bankmeister said...

Three months is pretty far away to me in a still-frigid, early February.