Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Historically Speaking: 2-3-09

We're back with some sporting anecdotes, and we're here for two reasons: to educate, and not be as hungover as we were yesterday. Your goods, just over the jump.

* Today in 1912, the National Football League embraced some significant changes. Among them were a shortening of the field to 100 yards, bumping the value of a touchdown up to six points from five, the number of down attempts from three to four, and moving kickoffs to the 40-yard line from midfield.

* Thirty years later, baseball owners reached an agreement that allowed each club up to 14 night games per season.

* Thirty years after that, the 11th Winter Olympic Games were held. These games were the first ever in Asia; they took place in Sapporo, Japan.

* The Minnesota Twins, in 1979, traded Rod Carew to Blanche Feverpiss' California Angels in exchange for four players.

* And a mere seven years ago, Kurt Warner lost his first Super Bowl as the New England Patriots defeated the St. Louis Rams with a last-minute Adam Viniateri field goal. The final score of the 36th installment of the NFL championship was 20-17, and John Madden famously repeated New England's need to "play for overtime" during the game's final drive.

And your Sports Illustrated quote of the day fell on the ears of former University of Miami football coach Pete Elliot. Elliot, who bears a disturbing resemblance to House of Georges wiseguy commentor DKC, spoke, circa 1973 of a youth he had been trying to recruit.:

"I asked the young man if he was in the top half of his class academically. He said, 'No, sir. I am one of those who make the top half possible.'"


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