Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting a Handle on the Youth

I should post some truly foul photo with a headline like that. Instead you get snotty Bloodhound and Britisher. What can I say? I'm all off-speed pitches and guile these days.

Crazy, uncertain times around Dove Valley. We have a new coach, a new GM, an old defensive coordinator and a whole bunch of scrubs left to slice off the roster, still. But I want to submit to our massive and restless readership the following notion: there isn't another team in the NFL run by such a callow group.

Brian Xanders, GM in question, is 37. Our coach is 32. I'm all for members of my generational cohort succeeding, but is it unreasonable to suggest these two are going to make more than their meal-share of mistakes? What assurance do we have that Xanders knows talent? He spent 14 years with the Falcons, well, whoop de motherfucking doo. The Falcons have wrapped their beak around a gigantic, sinister devil-cock for more than four decades. I'm supposed to feel good about a dude who helped build that team?

Besides, my wife said that he "looks like some douche at the bar."

Although, considering the history of our relationship, that might mean he'll stick around a while.


Commish CH said...

Xanders has that goatee that he can't quite close in and makes it like the ever-fresh porn stache.