Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tradition Tuesday: Shana-Canned!

When I started the day, early this morning, I kept coming back to the notion that there would be little to nothing to write about today with regard to The Tradition -- if you're just tuning in, the backbone of the rough focus
of this blog is the rivalry between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos -- given that all three legs of the Iron Triangle are bummed and blue about the results of the 2008 NFL season. As the day wore on, the sentiment kept coming back to me that there was nothing. Well, that kept true until I got in my car, tuned in to the TalkRadios, and began driving home. And it was at that moment that I learned that the Denver Broncos have fired Mike Shanahan. Much, much more will come of this in the hours ahead, but for now I can only say "Oh, glorious day..."

(Update: Now they're saying that Shanny and the team have agreed to part ways.)

Allegedly, Shanahan was asked to give up his "GM" duties to which he responded "no way."


Dylan said...

One could argue that Shenanihan's case is a perfect example of granting too many duties to one person.
Ten years ago, Shanny was kicking ass and taking names. Winning 11-12games per year.
Now he's worried what his buisness card displays.
Not so much anymore.

Cecil said...

Post coming. But I have to ask: where did you read that he was asked to drop GM duties but refused? I haven't seen that anywhere...

bankmeister said...


Cecil said...

Ah, of course. No reason to doubt the truthyness of what they're sayin' in KC. I'm sure those dudes have sources all over the Broncos organization.

bankmeister said...

True enough.

My favorite part about the sentence in question is the first word -- the one that starts with "al," ends with "dly," and has "ledge" somewhere in the middle.

Nice post title, by the way.

Cecil said...

Allegedly, I tuck 19 inches of Colorado whiteserpent into my drawers every morning.


Cecil said...
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