Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Week in Blogstralia: Rickshaw Season

It's been a while since we gave a new feature a go here on the House of Georges, and I'll go ahead and tell you something you already know: It's never a good idea when we give a new feature a go. So, there. Now that that healthy dose of confidence has been splashed into your late-morning coffee, let's examine just what our angle is:

You've met the Internets. You've flirted with them, perhaps even developed a relationship. I'd gander that some of you have even let the Internets see you naked a time or two. Okay, fine. All of you have done that. We don't aim to get personal with this new feature. We simply want to peer into a few living room windows and see who's out there blogging, and just what, assuming the content is decipherable, goes on within the confines of their URLs.

For the inaugural installment of this feature, we bring you...
...Rickshaw Season.

If you look up "rickshaw" in the dictionary, it will refer you to "jinrikisha," which will then inform you that the word signifies a two-wheeled passenger vehicle pulled by one person, formerly used in China and Japan. And if you're like most, you probably tuned out about 25 syllables ago, wondering what this ancient form of transportation could possibly have to do with the YouTubed 4G (Four Gs! It's got four Gs!) Networks of the modern era. Well, I'll tell you.

There was a time, some 16 years ago, when I was a glassy-eyed freshman matriculating at Pittsburg State University. No, there's not supposed to be an 'h' on the end of that. We're talking about a four-year school in the rural, southern stretches of The Sunflower State, and it was in that year, and in that institution, that I met the proprietor of Rickshaw Season. He was an interesting fellow, one who turned me on to, among other things, rooting for the Vancouver Canucks to continue the New York Rangers' drought of Stanley Cup championships, jokes about bestiality, and drinking beer cheaper than the really cheap beer I drank at the time. He is also the only human being I have ever known to actually wear one of these.

But all of that's beside the point. The point, need I remind you, is rickshaws, or rickshawalas, if you will. You may wonder why one would shawal a rick, and this blogger will confidently answer that question for you here, and if you're really interested, you can read his "about" page here.

Anyway, Rickshaw Season. It's archived, albeit backdated, through the past five years, and you, are of course, at liberty to peruse the site, the archives, the photos, and even the StubTube clips that have been posted.

Why, you might ask, would Rickshaw Season be the first selection for this new feature? The answer is simple: You and I aren't gonna get out there and pedal other people around by bicycle. This guy, however, will. And he'll, from time to time, blog about it.