Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Studmuffins: Groegany Jazschnansky

This post comes on yesterday's heels. It is in regards to the Kansas City Royals signing catcher Jason Kendall to a two-year deal. It is also in regards to Twitter, and three Royals fans I follow within the Twitterspheres, and my ongoing love-hate relationship with the beast known as the Tweet machine. The three dudes are easily the most-informed baseball guys I barely know, and I rely heavily on their access and knowledge to keep me up to speed with what the organization is doing. They, in no particular order, are Rany Jazayerli, Joe Posnanski, and Greg Schaum, and together comprise the first multi-personaged Saturday Studmuffin. Most importantly, though, the impetus for this now-over post, is how the Kendall signing, in my opinion, is by far the worst in Dayton Moore's tenure. The final thoughts are still brewing, and they, along with some key Tweets, will be posted shortly.


Dylan said...

There appears to be a little bug in Dayton's ear(his name may or may not be Jesus) that sayeth: Findeth a catcher.....and you shall find ye way!

To .500.