Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Might've Beens: Chiefs 17, Broncos 24

It was in fact a glorious day for football yesterday at InVesCo Field. Old No. 7 procured some prime real estate in the lot and whipped up breakfast first, and then lunch. There were ribs and Cornhole on our left, a portable toilet on our right, enough space to chuck the ball around, and enough Pabst Blue Ribbon to gas up a space shuttle. A glorious day indeed. We actually enjoyed ourselves so much, that we missed the first five minutes of the game, which made us feel amateur in light of all our pre-game professionalism. We had some great folks around us, and a gorgeous skyline view beyond; the stage was set for a masterful production.

Early in the first quarter, both clubs punted, and then the Chiefs got deep in Denver territory, but could only produce three points. Bad sign. On the ensuing Denver possession, KC's Maurice Leggett helped himself to a Jay Cutler pass and brought it back to the end zone.

Chiefs 10, Broncos nothing. The day's beauty was getting beautifuller. Denver added a score of its own, however, and I began to have doubts. Both clubs scored a touchdown in the second quarter, making it 17-14 Chiefs, but knowing that the Broncos would get the ball to start the half, I was weary. Strangely, the only points scored in the third came via a Matt Prater field goal. A tie game at InVesCo only means bad things for the Chiefs, though, and entering the fourth quarter, I feared that the first KC win in eight years of playing in this stadium was slipping away. Naturally, when the Broncos scored, I had little faith that the Chiefs would answer, but Tyler Thigpen almost proved me wrong.

And that seems to be the thing about this team. Lots of almosts, lots of could'ves, would'ves, and should'ves.

Larry Johnson has shown flashes of his old self, but seems to fall short in stringing together consecutive big games.

The play of Tony Gonzalez continues to blow my mind.

He was quoted today in the papers saying that he doesn't know where he'll be next year, but that he thinks this team is headed in the right direction.

Another season of The Tradition under the belt, another loss at InVesCo.

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