Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All Aboard

Just in time for Tradition Week, Greg Robinson got fired as the head coach of the Syracuse Orangemen. As one of few men to ever coach both the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs, Greg holds a special place in Tradition lore.

He was the Broncos' defensive coordinator during both Super Bowl championships, and if I saw him in Denver this weekend I'd buy him a drink just for that. He followed that gig with a stint as Dick Vermeil's DC, and for some reason Kansas City folks don't like him very much.

Anyway, here's his sendoff to Syracuse. Enjoy:

Excerpt From Coach Greg Robinson's Last News Conference


The Lone Reader said...

Alright HOG Gents,

Now that your shameful coverage of America's worst professional league has come to an end with the “World” Series, I am anxious to re-ignite my blogging contributions. Afterall, you guys are pretty lame without me, really. I mean, I bring the damn stories to you guys and all you’ve gotta do is jot down a few words.

I remember one story I brought you. Roger Goodell will go down as the NFL’s worst commissioner of all time. So far, I’ve pretty much nailed that.

I just wanted to remind you of the immediate nature of my complaints regarding inconsistency and autonomy from the commish’s office (the abolishment of revenue sharing is only a few short years away). As you see today, players are facing suspension without conviction once again. Low and behold, the Players Association is fighting back. Wait a minute, didn’t someone say this would happen within a week of Goodell’s inauguration. Oh right, that was me. Keep in mind, this was around the same time y’all were lappin’ his nuts for his tough brand of discipline (I’m sure you were all lost in your annual and institutional “boys of summer” daze).

Now, I’m not making an argument on either side of this case, although I certainly could. I just think you should be reminded that my prophecy is continuing to unfold before your very eyes.

Let me know if you need any other leads, or would like story with a little merit. I’ve got all sorts of ideas, you know.

One of these days, I’m sure you’ll come around.

Take care dorks,


bankmeister said...

Dear Mr. L. Reader:

We would like to assure you that our vote for Mr. Goodell as "Best Commissioner in NFL History," early in his tenure as it is, is a voice we cast into canyons near and far in this great country of ours. It is our hope that you, too, will one day see the greatness of his merits.

Jointly signed,

Paul Tagliabue and (the late great) Pete Rozelle