Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Time. I'm Losin' My Mind, This Time: Sink-Oh

Welcome back for another installment of the feature that makes you want to stick your head in a blender.

If you're new to the action, what follows are (mostly) terrible tracks that, for reasons unexplained, got stuck in my head last week. I'm kind enough to pass the deliciousness on to you, so enjoy.

One day you'll thank (read: stab) me.

We get things underway this week with an obviously unterrible track. I suppose it's nearly never a bad thing to have one of these guys' songs in your head.

5. "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles

This just in: The Beatles were awesome.

Our next ditty is a number by another band I really like. This track, however, drives me insane:

4. Groove Collective "Nature of a Freak"

Declassified is a really fun album, but in my opinion, "Nature of a Freak" should've been omitted. It's obnoxious, repetitive, and frankly, it's stupid. Fortunately for this feature, it's got all of the prerequisites checked for a splitting headache if and when it embeds itself in your cranium. See what I did there? Moving on...

3. "Gone Gone Gone" by Bad Company

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I used to be a pretty huge Bad Company fan. I liked the old stuff, and even the Brian Howe-era nonsense that produced hits like "No Smoke Without a Fire" and the title track from their second release, Holy Water. Matter of fact, I saw them live for the tour in support of the latter, which featured Damn Yankees as the opener, which is a little ironic considering that Howe used to sing for the Nuge', who was the axman for the Yankees, which was an outfit featuring a dude from Styx and a dude from Night Ranger.

And if you think that was a bad idea, consider that former Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers was busy doing The Firm for this Bad Co. era. Well, at least until they replaced Howe with Robert Hart, and ultimately ditched him to bring Rodgers back into the fold for another go. While all of that is more information than you ever wanted to know about Bad Company and bad, mildly incestual classic-rock side projects, it does tickle the all-too-common curiosity of musicians who never seem to be able to grasp that their heyday has passed.

Anyway, old-school Bad Company was pretty cool when I was new to classic-rock radio. The notion of recording a song called "Feel Like Makin' Love" was ballsy for the first 40 times I heard it, and nothing shy of gut-wrenching every time after. I'm not going to sit here and knock the library of original-outfit Bad Co., but I will say that many of their hits are pretty freaking awful. "Gone Gone Gone" is right up there with the rest of them.

2. The Steve Miller Band with (not to mention the most original band name ever) "Rock'n Me"

The CRR arsenal of Steve Miller Band cuts should be lit on fire. Really. I mean, we've all giggled about stoner implications in "The Joker." We've tripped out on the eerie synth work in "Fly Like an Eagle." We've clapped, like fools, along with "Take the Money and Run," and we've air drummed to "Swingtown." I say burn 'em all except for "Abracadabra." That's right. I said it.

1. New Edition's "Cool It Now"

God, the '80s were atrocious. I don't know why bands groups like New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe, et al, rose to such fame, but they did, and songs like this one are left rustling in the leaf pile, only to blow around every now and again and afix themselves to the screen door of your brain on a fall day.

If I could borrow a line from that David Spade show, just shoot me.

Those're the hits for this week. Come back again in seven or so days for another installment of rancid.