Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Mysticism: Complete Confusion

Back when this blog was awesome (Editor's Note: In theory), one of the sites I used to frequent for information was Awful Announcing. I hadn't visited AA in some time, and when I did this morning, I discovered that, well, they haven't either. I was shocked -- shocked! -- by this, but not as shocked as I was when I perused the content of their most-recently published post. Summary, post-leap:

There are 40 -- count 'em: 40 -- primetime NFL football games listed in that post, and only one of 'em features the Denver Broncos?

You kiddin' me?

This team commands its perennial 12 primetime games. What in the hell is going on here? Answers, I say! I demand answers!

You're going to give the Denver "sustained excellence" Broncos one lousy primetime game all season? And it's on the road? Heads are gonna roll, here. You don't treat the God-damned Denver Broncos like this. Hell, the Chiefs have just as many primetime games slotted, and theirs is a home contest. Someone had best look the fuck out. These Broncos have cock-grabbin', neck-bearded, Christ-infused signal callers on the roster. Expect maiming and death. Nothing less. This. Is an outrage.