Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday StubTube: 100 Percent Awesomeness

This clip has it all: Pre-microwave-oven-invention championship appearances, Denver dashing, old-school violence against the Raiders, 65 Toss Power Trap, and most of all, hope.

(courtesy of Arrowhead Pride)


Dylan said...

That's some pretty slick stuff. Leanord Pope highlights?
Good fight with the Raiders, though.

bankmeister said...

Leonard Pope is a former Cardinal which means he's high-quality material, the right fit, a guy who gets it, etc. C'mon, dude. Get your head in the game.

Dylan said...

Sorry sir.
I will not step out of line again.
Did Mrs. Haley make that video?
Cuz I want to get all up inna some Mr. Haley after watching it.
He's gonna march on the NFL like Sherman trounced Georgia, next year!