Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Miscellany: Jackpot, Count It, Etc.

Broncos fan in a Chiefs hat. Very nice.

Pictured is Predominantly Orange's very own Kim Constantinesco. She, by virtue of her team's first loss to the Chiefs at InConstaninVesCo Field at Mile High Stadium, had to don the garb based on a friendly bet.

A more professional sports blogger would've suggested a drink at La Boheme, but, yeah...that I'm not.


Dylan said...

Move over nice guy, Bank.
Kimcon ain't gettin off that easy.
After all, our prescient commentary was belittled and compared to the drying of paint.
Don't GO There! [finger wags]
I ain't no paint dryin'
Can we get a little more gloating in here?
TLR, get out of retirement. Duty calls!
Don't forget, as the original document that lays out the rivalry CLEARLY states(I read it in Bank's basement): sec 1: On the commission of a regular-season, final game of season loss; team of forementioned action shall hearby lose all rights and privlidges earned in year prior.
That means Chiefs win. This year!
I don't wanna hear no talking back either.
Look ma! No ... ...