Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh, Chefs. Will You EVER Win? (Answer: Hope Not! Love You!)

Just a quickie today, whilst I attempt to find something profound--or at least grammatically correct--to say for our next installment of the HoG 25. What's it about, you breathlessly ask? Shut the fuck on up and skip ahead to the next sentence, slappy, you'll get it when it's brung to ya.

Anyway, saw this post on, and man...I mean, if I was a fan of that team--and the Administrator looovves hearing about how my dad nearly moved the family to KC when I was a tot but didn't, thus sparing me from a life of fan-misery--reading this might be the thing that finally got me on the ledge.

Seriously. How is this JayVee crap, in any way, a motivator for professional athletes? Doesn't it seem like ScotTodd Halioli called for this in a fit of righteous pique, whatever that is? Will Dwayne Bowe look at this, ask someone to read it to him, and then decide to magically stop being a bust? Do you all have any Burnt Ends on a Bun? Discuss, plz.


bankmeister said...

Dang. I can't believe you beat me to a scoop. I was just about to post the actual image.

Dylan said...

Bank got out-scooped by a guy wit' tree jobs man!
That is some serious JV crap!
I bet the guys are so pissed now!
Bowe can read the sign, you low-blower.
After all his education is from LSU, were not talkin Ft. Lewis here.
Ooooooh...BAM(Emeril style)