Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Whatnot: Just Because

From the department of really awesome ideas...

(courtesy of With Leather)


Dylan said...

The only guy more suprised that he knocked that kid out, than him...was me.
He was getting pummeled by that dark haired kid.
I heard that bank won the 1994 Ft. Lewis Toughman competition, in the same fashion.

bankmeister said...

/never been pummeled

Dylan said...

Not sure what-> /+sentence fragment means.
I see the shorthandedness and efficiency of it but, it seems akward.(It could use a noun)(and a verb)!
I expect more from a professional.
While we're talking professional, let's talk some NFL.
The rivalry is the drive shaft to this jalopy of a website and although these rivalrous games are off in the distance..we got a leaky casing.
Does that make sense? Of course not! Who cares!
The Donkeys are 4-0 and the Chiefs are 0-4. They both were supposed to lose to everyone a this point. Broncos lost that memo.
I hate this.
This town is in a unparalelled drought.
Royals='06 Devil Rays..forever.
Chiefs= '08 Lions, '76 know what I'm sayin'.
KU Athletics= '04 Artest-led Indiana Pacers.
Good Times.
Good Night.