Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday ThinkTank: Colorado Parenting (With Update(s))

I, uh, am gonna go ahead and assume that this was an accident, but yikes. How frightened would you be?

Some of the reports associated with this story are just confounding and disturbing. I mean, are these folks looking to conjure up some movie rights to sell?

Live coverage after the jump.

(Update: The craft has landed. There was no boy found inside.)

(Update II: Psych! The boy was never in the balloon. He was at home.)


old no. 7 said...

All joking aside about our little interstate rivalry and who's dumber, etc., this is seriously fucked up.

This dad should be jailed for child abuse. His kids are going to end up more screwed up than even my kids, and I'm a drunk who hates everyone. As much as I loathe reality TV (except Top Chef, of course) and our fake-celebrity culture, at least most of the whores and assholes who try to get famous are legal adults who ultimately get what's coming to them--humiliation and ridicule.

These kids didn't ask for a dad who's a jackass dipshit fuckhole. I'm just a little angry about this whole thing.

Dylan said...

Agreed. Self-promoting, in the wrongest of ways, jagoff-fruitcake.
What if two news helcopters crashed, covering his little cable-news puppet show?
Good stuff, science-man.
Now go get a job.