Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Sermon: Starter Snippet

Even though they continue to employ the biggest bozo in Kansas City sports-talk radio, KCSP 610 AM is reporting that Matt Cassel gets the start today in the Chiefs home opener against the Oakland Raiders.

This is a stupid decision because a) why rush back from injury, 2) Brodie Croyle played well against a tough defense, and c) it'd be nice to see the kid get a win. Also, he doesn't rock White Sox hats. I'd much rather see me some Brodie Bangs today.


bankmeister said...

I understand that you go with your number one, your $63 million man. I can't help but thinking, however, that we win that game if Brodie starts. Cassel looked JaMarcus-like in the first half.

Cecil said...

It is inexcusable for your team to lose to the Raiders at home. That game was wretched.