Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Mysticism: Should've Banged

I don't usually spend much time perusing comments on other blogs, or hanging around in message-board chat rooms, but I wanted to share what commenter Rin Tin Tin had to say over on Bob Gretz's blog...

"Barry Manilow may have sung about those weekends New England but in here Kaycee it’s 0 for 40 and counting…

Croyle 116.7 QB RATING
ca$$el 66.3 QB RATING

Croyle 2 tds & 0 ints – 24 points ‘on the road’ against perhaps the best defense in the entire NFL.

ca$$el 1 td & 2 ints – 10 points ‘at home’ v one of the worst teams in the entire NFL.

Croyle starts next Sunday in Philly – if the Chiefs want ANY chance of winning…"

My point in yesterday's post was this: Starting the hot hand, as in Croyle, would've given the Chiefs the opportunity to win yesterday, a win that would've meant a ton, as they likely won't be favored to win again in at least two months. That could've possibly given the club a bit of confidence and Cassel's knee one more week to heal. The upside of course is that he got his first game under his belt, and might have more sync, more confidence heading into a tough, tough stretch of games. I do not posit that Brodie is a better quarterback, although one day I might. I also disagree with the notion that he should start in Philly. One week from today, however, I might be saying something else. That is all.


bankmeister said...

On the tail end of some Sports Talk Radio this afternoon, Bill Maas told the hosts that, on Friday, he predicted Croyle would start the Raiders game because he's the better quarterback and that's what Todd Haley wanted. He added that he's pretty sure the Chiefs went with Cassel because Scott Pioli overruled Haley.

I dunno about all that, but it's interesting.

Dylan said...

Could this be the new Bledsoe-Brady?

Cecil said...


Dylan, man, you're good.

I thought Rin-Tin-Tin was a commenter that everyone at Gretz's blog hated? Not that I, y'know, spent any time lurking there when I was unemployed.

Can someone also point me to the quote about taking "22 guys off the street"?

bankmeister said...

It happened shortly after the Haley hiring, and surfaced right around the time you started throwing around your Brian Waters comments, who has since, by the way, earned tremendous respect from Haley. Here is one place you can read about it.

Dylan said...

Cecil has a job now?