Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fix: Wha' Happen?

Here's a fun mini-movie for everyone to watch:

Chris over at JustBlogBaby put it together and called it "JaMarcus Owns Denver."

It's a nice little movie of Russell completing passes against the Bronco defense both in Denver and in Oakland, although it doesn't make sense to me: I could've sworn the Raiders got smoked on Monday night against Denver in last year's season opener. We don't get to see that in the footage. Either that or I missed it.

(Update: When I watched it on his site, there was music. Now I realize that the site logo is covering the Denver score, and the Raiders are getting worked in the early footage. Either way, I'll be on board with JaMarcus owning Denver. That's awesome.)


Cecil said...

Serious weaksauce.

Cecil said...

The Raiders are going to lose this game by 10 points. If they perform well.

Cecil said...

So it was 20. I never claimed to be a progstocnicator.