Thursday, July 16, 2009

Historically Speaking: Your Wife's Wrister

It would appear that there is much ado in the sports world today, even though there is very little going on. True, there will be some professional baseball taking place this evening, upgrading today over yesterday by epic proportions. Come tomorrow, all of the clubs will have returned to the diamond, and yes -- NFL training camps are in fact, right around the corner. So that promises awesomeness. In the meantime, we're going to roll out a few late posts today, and I have little to no idea what they will consist of, but our late start is either attributed to a) Internet problems, b) the fact that our offices are out of doors and we're waiting for it to cool off, or c) one of our staff members made the really intelligent decision to hit the strip club last night when bedtime was the better option but bedtime was not selected thus resulting in a late-night/early morning spent with actual crackheads who were actually smoking actual crack. One of these crackheads may or may not've been a wigged woman by the name of Star Cookie. It's possible that she was posing as a hooker and it's plausible that her wrist shot is not as good as most folks' wives.

* Today in 1909, the Washington Senators and the Detroit Tigers played a game of baseball. While that in itself is not amazing, the box score was. Tigers pitcher Ed Summers started for Detroit and pitched all 18 innings of a scoreless tie.

* One hundred thousand, eight hundred fifty-four fans gathered today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1950. The largest sports crowd in history watched Uruguay defeat Brazil 2-1 in the World Cup finals.

* Also today in 1950, Major League Baseball's American and National Leagues combined for 37 home runs among 16 teams. The AL cranked 12, the NL 25.

* The United Fucking States of America States Senate and House of Georges Representatives unanimously voted today in 1964 to grant a federal charter to Little League Baseball Incorporated.

* Normally, we don't get into the tabloidy stuff, but there are a few folks for whom I personally will make the exception. Janet Jones is not one of them, but if she married Wayne Gretzky today in 1988, which she did, then she can share a bullet point.

And your Sports Illustrated quote of the day came from the mouth of...

...former Los Angeles Dodger southpaw Al Downing, who, in 1974, delivered a Kyle Farnsworth to Hank Aaron. Aaron, in turn, put his 715th career home run in the books with that pitch, and Downing, when asked about it 20 years later, said: "I never say 'seven-fifteen' anymore. I now say 'quarter after seven.'"