Friday, July 3, 2009

Baseball In The Daytime: July 3 2009

Suddenly flush with quality infielders, the Colorado Rockies sent Jeff Baker to the Cubs yesterday. This bums me out a little bit, because I know a guy named Jeff Baker and it was always cool to see another Jeff Baker playing at Coors. But then I heard who the player to be named later was, and I was happy.

In exchange for Baker, the Rockies acquired a minor-league righty named Al Alburquerque.

I didn't make that up, nor did I misspell his name. It's Alburquerque. I want this dude to make the bigs in the worst possible way, or at the very least play a little in Triple-A against the Isortopes.

Big news on the day baseball beat this Friday, folks, as there is a matinee that does not take place in the city of Chicago. It's not even part of a rainout doubleheader. That's right, Baseball in the Daytime is spreading, spreading like hepatitis. Once you get a taste you can't wash it out. Get infected, after the jump.

Toronto @ NY Yankees, 11:05 Mountain I'm not sure why the Yanks scheduled this as a businessman's special, nor if the Friday day-game thing is going to become SOP in the Bronx. Whatever, I applaud the management of the franchise, especially Assistant To The Travelling Secretary George Costanza. If old George Steinbrenner were still alive I'd shake his hand. Play baseball the way God intended it, under the sun! Today the B'Jays come to town, led by starter Brian Tallet. Meeting them at the gate will be former Beej A.J. Burnett. I know I've mentioned this here before, but did you know that Burnett once threw a no-hitter in which he walked nine men? That's hard to do.

Milwaukee @ Chicago Cubs, 12:20 I'm so excited about that Yankee game (and I hate the fucking Yankees like I hate burnt toast) that it's hard to get worked up about--yawn--another Friday afternoon match at Wrigley. But come on! There's going to be girls there! Drunk girls! And you know what drunk girls do, don't ya? They watch Jeff Suppan and Big Z pitch, that's what they do. Then they throw up. Hold her hair out of her face, and Play Ball!


Cecil said...

Bastardo versus Alburquerque!

old no. 7 said...

That would be the bestest baseball game ever. Jersey sales would break all records.