Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday ThumbTubes & YouNails (now with less sports!): 7-23-09

Awful tired now, boss. Dog tired. If you're still up, peep some stubes and tumbs, yonder.

You know it's a rough season when, um...

...this happens.

The feel-good, non-sports, don't-know-what-it's-about-but-I-like-it Tube:

If you secretly love Don Mattingly, and I know you do,

then you may or may not find this interesting. Actually, don't bother. It's stupid petty gossip, but dare I pass up on an opportunity to mess with Yankee fans? Course not.

Manny Pacquiao will get back in the ring,

and this time, it counts.

Everyone knows about "Sleeping Monkey,"

but how about swimming monkey?


go here.

If I tell you it's Lima Time,

you better be-leeee dat!

But don't believe...

<a href="" target="_blank">Twits</a>

...those crazy kids and their Tweets.

Know what else is crazy?

Two perfect games by the same dude.

Speaking of crazy...

No. Not the fact that these allegations have come out, but the fact that some listeners on the Sports TalkRadios today wanted to say that ESPN didn't post this story to their Web site yesterday because Big Ben is white. That is, if he were black, they would've posted it immediately. You know, 'cause that's how the man do.

While we're on the ESPN corner,

that was easily the dumbest commercial they've ever made.

We know that Dick Vermeil and Mike Shanahan were at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship. We just learned, however, that Michael Jordan was there...

...with, um, something awkward in the background.

Tank's empty, kids. Come back next week. Bring more quarters.


old no. 7 said...

You know, I were accused of rape, even if I were 100 per cent innocent of the allegations, I'd perhaps shower and shave before my press conference. I might put on clothes that didn't look like I'd been out drinking and raping mere minutes before.

Based purely on appearance and Pittsburghness, I vote guilty.

Dylan said...

The alleged rape happened 1+ years ago.
But I see whats your sayin...