Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tradition Tuesday: Blah, Bluh, Blah-Blah, Blah

Four score and somethin' or other, the rough focus of this blog was the rivalry between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos. It's either been replaced by a theme of drunken laziness, or it's simply the off-season. I'd offer more of an in-depth analysis than that, but I need a nap. A wee, mildly entertaining handful of links for you, coveted reader, after the jump.

B-Marsh is apparently not going anywhere, which could only fuel his alleged hatred, I suppose, for the city of Denver.

Hey look: You can subscribe to Predominantly Orange ! Before doing so, set aside a solid two and-a-half reading hours per day.

Trent Green filling in for Peter King makes for some decent reading.

Michael Jackson and an Andre Rison jersey . Who knew?

There is of course this gem on Elvis Grbac, which is pretty sad.

Kinda like this post!

Tune in next week. We sort of half-assedly guarantee to put forth less effort.


dylanebrown said...

Ok. A few things.
Firstly, you could completely make this story up to cover up a silly decision.
i.e... The Kansas Jayhawks passed on DKC for scholarship in 1988 and went with a relative unknown, Danny Manning.
Isn't revisioninsm fun?
As well, is Gannon really a hot,wet 'n oily bohunk and GRbac a complete dog? They're the same damn dudes ,practically.
Grbac has taken more nation-wide shit than anyone I've seen in sports. He deserves about half of it.

bankmeister said...

Um, if I had to, uh...nevermind.