Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Studmuffins: JoePos

I think this is only the second time we've tossed an SS up on the podium that's not an athlete, which, as a newspaper kind of guy, makes me wonder: Would the game be that entertaining if you couldn't read about it in the next morning's edition? Writers like Joe Posnanski make the answer to that question seem like a definite "no." And for the record, if you aren't familiar with this literal word machine who kicks out the language jams for The Kansas City Star, Sports Illustrated, in book form, and online, well, you should forget about it now, or move to Winnipeg and devote all of your waking hours to catching up on this guy's archives. Hell, I sometimes struggle (Editor's Note: Point in case?) to craft the opening graf to a post, but let's stay on the track, the brief track that you can catch after the jump.

Alright, look: If you're not checking in on Pos' blog on at least a weekly basis, you're doing yourself a disservice. Really, pretty much everything over there is fantastic, but if you have a short attention span and don't like clicking your mouse, here's a quick top five.

Number Five: My favorite JoeWord

The Gloaden Rule:
1. Use Ross Gload correctly, he will help your team win games.
2. Use Ross Gload incorrectly, he will get you fired.

Number Four: A Fascinating Quick Read on Carlos Beltran

Number Three: This isn't really from the site, but you can pre-order a copy of his latest book, The Machine (slated for an August release), here. The book, by the by, is about the 1975 Reds. Those guys weren't bad.

Number Two: This one's kind of a two-fer. Over on the SIs, Pos' and Bill James are toying with the idea of doing a weekly exchange. They gave it a whirl here, and their conversation is about Randy Johnson and 300-game winners. A must read. And if you like it, here's an awesome way of thinking about 300-game winners.

Number One: Anyone that posts a YouTube ciip that pokes fun of their own hometown to their blog is alright by me. I think I've seen this before, but I might've stumbled across it during a Grey Goose and meth bender. Hard to tell.

That's today's SS.