Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nugs, Mavs, For At Least One More Game

Hell of a game last night. The Nuggets dominated pretty much all the way through only to let it slip away in the end--it happens. I would have been surprised if they'd won, suspected they wouldn't and am thus not upset that the two teams are coming back to Denver on Wednesday.

Not having Birdman in there was a big problem. Nowitzki had a ton of open looks, and he's just too long for most everyone else on the squad to guard. Carmelo played a fantastic game, but the Nugs missed too many open shots in the 4th quarter when they could have put it away for good.

Eh, no worries. My feeling is that this next game isn't going to be very close. As in, Denver will win by 20-30. I could be wrong...but after douchebag Dallas fans decided to act like their crybaby puss of an owner and harass Kenyon's family and Carmelo's wife to the point where security got involved, I have a small suspicion that, by the end of this upcoming contest, the Mavericks are going to be looking at the big hole in their collective stomachs where their entrails used to be.

Cuban, by the way, won't be at Game 5. What. A. Shock.

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