Monday, May 4, 2009

The Latest Poop On The Kansas City Royals

I have no idea if this clip has made it onto this site in the past, but here it is. Enjoy, after the jump...

Our fantasy baseball league is named after Ted Williams, who was a great American. Its two divisions are the Mark Grace (for all the Cubs fans) and the George Brett (for everyone else). Every once in a while we'll get a new owner, and that new owner will want to rename a division after Ryne Sandberg or Kirby Puckett or Doc Gooden or somebody.

That new owner can go get fucked. I will never play fantasy baseball in a league that doesn't name a division after George Brett.


bankmeister said...

It hasn't been inside the House. It actually surfaced the weekend I stayed at your hangover-inducing home and watched that spectacular Chiefs-Falcons game, and the even more spectacular Broncos-Saints contest. I considered putting it up, but everyone was jizzing in their pants over it, so I declined.

And then the Mayor texted me two weeks ago and told be to Google it, which I found very Mayor-esque. I kind of figured it would, inevitably make it up here in a fashion quite similar to this one. Well played.

Dylan said...

I made it with Morganna(the kissing bandit) in the eighties.