Friday, April 3, 2009

Your Obligatory 2009 Frozen Four Feature

Like so many years before, American sports fans are consumed with college hoops, March Madness, the Final Four, etc., while a little-known secret known as the Frozen Four continues to plod along in but a mere fragment of the limelight. And the House of Georges ace reporting staff is, of course, on duty to broaden the beam shining on this little tourney. That's just what we'll do after the jump.

Actually, let's be honest. You probably don't want to read about college hockey and are actually right this very moment saying to yourself "words, words, words" in secret anticipation of their being a boob shot at the end of this post. Well, pal, I hate to tell you that that's just not going to happen. What is going to happen is an in-depth look at this year's Frozen Four Cinderella story, Bemidji State. And by in-depth, I mean the following:

* Bemidji State is a 5000-student school in Northern Minnesota.

* Their mascot is the Beavers.

* They've won 13 national titles at lower levels, but this is their best run since moving up to Division I in 1999.

* They knocked off number-two seed Notre Dame and Cornell to get this far.

* The term "bemidji" is a Native American word meaning river crossing lake.

Bemidji State will face Miami of Ohio on Thursday, April 9, gametime T.B.A. The other side of the bracket pits Boston University against Vermont. The Four, taking place in our nation's capital for the first time, has now sold out for nine consecutive years. The winners of each semi-final game will meet for the championship on Saturday the 11th. The handy bracket below will show you who all made it, and how each of the teams have fared.

There. You happy, jerks?