Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday ThumbTubes & YouNails (now with a lazier production team): 4-16-09

Ever find yourself zapped of energy with weeks zipping past faster than you can keep track of? What? Most every day? Well, then. Some ThumbTubes & YouNails oughtta set you straight. Or just make you sleepier.

Several reports from earlier in the week suggested that Milton Bradley was a new man.

He begs to differ. I wonder what his mother thinks. Speaking of mothers:

That ruled.

Last night's game one between the St. Louis Blues and the Vancouver Canucks was one of the rough-and-tumblest, fastest-skating hockey contests I'd seen in many years. It got me even more pumped for the playoffs than I already was,

and then this hit the 'Tubes, leaving me thoroughly unsure if I'm highly aroused, or completely disgusted.

Um, this is nearly five minutes of sheer awesome:

Praise you black-and-silver Jesus for not making me an Oakland fan. And ol' boy there best be thankin' Christ I don't have his e-mail address.

Along the lines of reverence, thank fucking God the new Big Daddy Drew Penthouse column is out.

I feel like it's been three months since the last one was posted. Don't make me, impatient, Penthouse. You wouldn't like me when I'm impatient. And yes, it's SFW.

This video is half awesome, half terrible:

The awesome, I think, is obvious. The terrible is that, had it gone another seven seconds, you would've seen some girls skipping rope, some girls lounging poolside, and some girls baby-oil wrestling, all saying that the House of Georges was their favorite YardBarker Network blog. No kiddin'. Stupid editors.

Continuing the theme of stupid...

You stay classy, Milwaukee.

Then there's this:

All I can say is "tulips on the mound"? Yeesh.

And that's gonna do it. Ran a little shy on 'Nails. Tried to make up for it with extra 'Tubes. Peace out.