Thursday, April 30, 2009

Musings From Roy F. Almania: May Day

Cousin Roy dropped me a quick line just before bed this evening, and said he wanted to get a post in before the month was up, so I'm obliging. He said it wouldn't be a long one, that he didn't have a whole lot to say, and you'll see after the jump that he wasn't kidding.

We're thankful for his contributions, and we share in the sentiment he had on his mind. If you're ever in Joplin, you'll have to look him up. He's got every toy a man could ever want and acres for miles on which to play with them. That and his Misses makes one heck of a rhubarb pie.

To the House of Georges Loyal Readership:

Almighty God has heard my prayers and delivered me still more reasons for my undying faith. These April rains have allowed for my land to flourish with such great vigor that I will likely have one of the better seasons in recent memory. And the Lord knows that I say that word seasons with my Christian tongue in cheek:

The Kansas City Royals have escaped their most awful victim: the month of April. As they begin anew in May, I take great joy in the fact that they are not only not nine games back and in last place in the Central, but they are in fact above .500 for the first month. And keep your voice to a dull roar, but they're also in first place. Now I know it's early, and today was an off day for the Sox and the Tigers, but damn it all if I'll let the opportunity pass me by to sing praises to the powers above.

I pledge to make more time in May, as the Almighty has fertilized this young crop of men with the slowly waking bats and the pitching strength to fortify their efforts at contending.

Yours Truly,