Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Historically Speaking: 4-29-09

We've got a busy Wednesday lined up, so we'll keep the learnin' brief today. Find some tidbits after the jump.

* We go back to the year 1931 when Cleveland Indian Wes Farrell tossed a 7-0 no-hitter over the St. Louis Browns. Ferrell added bragging rights in that his brother Rick was a Brown, and the pitcher also managed to plate four RsBI with a double and a long ball.

* Today in 1961, ABC's "Wide World of Sports" debuted on television.

* It was on this monumental day in 1981 that Durango resident, Steamworks frequenter, and then Philadelphia Philly Steve Carlton became the first Major League Baseball left-handed pitcher to record his 3000th strikeout.

* Five years later, Roger Clemens set an MLB pitching record when he, on this day, fanned 20 Seattle Mariners.

* Same day, same year, Tony Tubbs delivered a technical knockout to Greg Page in round 15 for the WBA heavyweight boxing title in Buffalo. Tubbs' reign as champ would last only nine months, however, as he lost his first belt defense to former champ Tim Witherspoon in Atlanta in 1986. He would lose to Mike Tyson in '88 in the second round in Tokyo, and Riddick Bowe by decision in 1991. His professional record is 47-10 with 25 knockouts.

And since we mentioned Clemens, your Sports Illustrated quote of the day may as well come from him.

When asked in 1994 to name baseball's three most dangerous hitters, the Rocket said, "Robin Yount in the first, Robin Yount in the fourth, and Robin Yount in the seventh."