Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Morning Fracas: Inbox Tubes Dump

You. Person with free time. This post was created for you. After the jump, get after some clips, gangsta' style. (Editor's Note: I have no idea what that means.)

This one's about a Canadian mayor who's been in office for 31 years. She's 88 and still chugging along. The host is a bit of a dweezil,

but around the 2:15 mark, Mayor Hazel takes the ice, demonstrating the puck-handling abilities of Old No. 7, the skating prowess of Cecil.

Speaking of hockey, check out this shootout goal:

File that under "whoops-a-daisy." And speaking of shootout goals, check out this showoff:

I gotta believe that goalie was embarrassed.

We've seldom, if ever mentioned the United Fucking States of America's armed forces here in the House, but here ya' go:

Thanks, troops. And now for some hard-core wood analysis:

And, I have no idea what this South Park episode is really about, but... has to do with fish sticks sounding like "fish dicks," Kanye West, and West allegedly saying that if you put fish sticks in your mouth you must be a gay fish. I guess dude has a blog, too.

Also in the realm of video, here's the intro to Aisha Tyler's -- who's pretty smokin' -- latest gig, which is impressive:

And last, but certainly not least, the new one by Eminem: