Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally, the Solution

So a reputable, non-rumormonger-y website reports that the Kansas City Chefs have, at long last, solved their recurrent problems in the gut of their defense: they've signed Zach Thomas.

You know Thomas. He was epitome of the try-hard, undersized player, a guy who made a metric tonne of Pro Bowls in the mid-to-late '90s with the Dolphins and whose sister married Jason Taylor. And then divorced him. He's a leader, they say, a good locker room guy with character.

One problem: he can't play anymore. He wasn't good with Dallas last year and this will be his 13th year in the league. Plus, there's this bit o' curiosity, courtesy of the Dallas Observer:

By the time the Cowboys quit in the season-ending debacle, Thomas' words were gone. And he wasn't far behind them. On the post-game radio show in Philly Thomas committed to returning to play again in 2009, but as a middle linebacker in a 4-3 defense.

Not much else to say about that, then, is there?


Dylan said...

I guess the Chefs are done.

Maybe they should run the best player on the team out of town.

Cuz thats what all the good teams are doing..

Dylan said...

As well...if letting the Edge facemask you on the line of scrimmage, is some sort of letdown..let's make a season of it!

Edge ain't gained no yards in a Red jersey.

Zach is little and his lady don't like him no more but that's it?

If I could bottle Denver Desperation and sell it as a scent, I would.

Crush it up and make it into a little pill and sell it as ElwayVitamins in gas stations around Denver(Utopia).

DD. Denver Desparation. Buy it now! Pet Rocks. Rubik's Cubes. Ataris. Baltimore/Draft picks.

Market's bullish, yes?

Cecil said...

"Zach is little and his lady don't like him no more but that's it?"

No, he's also old, overrated on his best day and sucky.