Monday, April 6, 2009

Baseball in the Daytime: Opening Day 2009

Welcome, beautiful people, to our first edition of Baseball in the Daytime for 2009. We're glad you're with us. There were eight games on tap for this overcast, chilly-ass sixth day of April, but somewhere, in a secret conference room in the early evening hours of yester's day, some weathermen convinced the baseball people that no matter what, the Royals and White Sox should not take the field today at U.S. Cellular. It would've been Meche v. Buehrle, if you're interested. If you're not, look at what's still on tap for today, just after the jump.

Los Mets @ Cincinnati, 12:10 Central: We kick things off today with an N.L. tilt in Ohio, and there's plenty to see here, and plenty of ways to catch the action. For starters, (Editor's Note: You were hoping for double entendre. Admit it.) lefty Johan Santana will be on the hill for the visitors, while Aaron Harang gets the nod (with concurrent skipper spit, of course) for the hometeam town. Catch this gem on ESPN if you please, or DirecTV has three options: There's 206, 721, or, if you prefer the Reds feed, step it up a notch and go 722. Wanna listen? XM can help you there on channel 183.

Tampa Bay's Redacted Rays @ Boston, 1:05: Our second feature today, aside from being a lovely 2008 ALCS rematch, pits two righties against one another in quite the pleasant fashion. It'll be James Shields for the Rays and Josh "the ladies like my necklaces" Beckett. These dudes had 26 wins between the two of 'em last season, and you can catch their pitching styles on ESPN2, DirecTV 209, or you can listen in at XM 140 or 177.

Cleveland @ Texas, 1:05: While Jamesey and Joshy-poo fondle the bag in Beantown, Cliff an' Kev' look to wipe their brows a bunch down in Arlington. That's uh, Cliff Lee and Kevin Millwood of course. All eyes will be on the lefty Lee who's under a bit of scrutiny to see if his 22-win campaign last year is repeatable. Catch this one on DirecTV 723 or XM 189.

Colorado @ Arizona, 2:40: This might be the sleeper of the day, folks. Two more righties, each with much to prove in their own regard, will be staring intently between their squatting teammates' legs. For the Rockies, it's Aaron Cook; for the D'backs, Brandon Webb. Both had impressive 2008s, and will be relied upon heavily by their clubs to be go-to guys. See if they are on DirecTV 728 (CO) or 729 (AZ), or have a listen: XM 184.

NYY @ B'more, 3:05: This one will be on the four-letter as well. I'm not sure why it gets the coverage nod, but nonetheless fat slob CC Sabathia takes on O's ace Jeremy Guthrie. Sorry, folks. DirecTV's only offering this one on three channels: 206, 210, or 744. Unless of course you want the Yankees feed, in which case it's on 730. It's of the 176 variety on XM.

Washington @ Florida, 3:10: Can you say train wreck? Think I'd rather watch six seconds of a Lakers game than tune in to this pile. It features lefty John Lannan for the Nats, righty Ricky Nolasco for the Marlins. I was just kidding, by the way. I'm sure this game will be epic. DirecTV 731 (Was) or 732 (Fla), or XM 185.

Pittsburgh @ St. Louis, 3:15: All's I know is that if I have Extra Innings, or whatever the baseball package is called, I've already taken the day off in anticipation of having Nats-Marlins and Pirates-Cardinals going at the same time. I might've even bought a second television just to catch every second of the intense action. Out near the Mighty Miss', Pirate pitcher Paul Maholm takes on Cardinal Adam Wainwright. I mean, are we shooting a Western here? Anyway, it's lefty versus righty on DirecTV 733 (Pit), 734 (St.L), or XM 186 if you're blind.

That's today's baseball news for now, folks, and here.