Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baseball in the Daytime: 4-23-09

You catch my drift, right?

Royals @ Indians, 11:05 Central: Two 1-0 righties kick out the jams today in Cleveland; Gil Meche'll be on the hill for the Royals, while Anthony Reyes goes for the Tribe in this rubber match you can find on DirecTV 721, XM 176.

Brewers @ Phillies, 12:05: Dave Bush and Cole Hamels lock horns an hour later. They aim to see who can have a shittier April. Bush's E.R.A. is climbing towards the six region, while Hamels hovers near 12. DirecTV 722, XM 183.

Mets @ Cardinals, 12:40: It's Livan Hernandez and Kyle Lohse going just a tad later. Both righties have earned a win thus far, and they'll be on DirecTV 723m, 724, or catch 'em on XM 184.

Reds @ Cubs, 1:20: It's Aarong Harang and Carlos Zambrano wrapping things up today in a bout called "Pitchers Who Once Had Promise." Or something else, I'm not sure. They'll be on 725, DTV-style, or have an XM listen on your one eight five.

Peace, people.