Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adios, One-Time Messiah

Local sports talk radio is reporting, via an e-mail from Dove Valley, that the Denver Broncos have agreed in principle to trade Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears. Terms will be disclosed later.


Count your lucky stars, kid. You could have ended up in Detroit. We best be receiving a cornucopia--hell, a pornucopia--of draft picks and/or veterans.

Still, though. He's gonna be making the above face a lot next year. The Bears' offensive line is a shambles.

Again: wow.

Update, via and

Jay Glazer of reports that the Chicago Bears have sent two first-round picks, a third-round pick, and quarterback Kyle Orton to the Broncos for quarterback Jay Cutler and a fifth-round draft pick.

The Bears held the 18th pick in the first round of the draft.

Per NFLPA records, Orton is signed through 2009, at a base salary of $995,000.

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bankmeister said...

Neckbeard? Chris Simms? Neckbeard? Chris Simms?

Cecil said...

I think Neckbeard.