Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Studmuffins: Some Guy You've Never Even Heard Of

Or maybe you have. I don't know. Either way, his name is Carl Karcher, and he's -- yep -- the founder of Carl's Jr. Being the good Catholic that I am, I gave up red meat for Lent, and I've done pretty well sticking to it. See, it's important to be wise with your sacrifices, unlike years past where I've given up things like booze or hookers, then successfully managed to blow it before Ash Wednesday's even over. But the meat thing has been manageable, mainly because I don't actually eat that much red meat. Between chicken and pork, what else does a guy need? Pork, of course, includes the FDA's recommended daily intake of a half-pound of bacon.

Well, that's what I used to say. Now I say I need a burger. NOW. See why you know where.

It might be kind of gay to give such a prestigious award as the coveted Saturday Studmuffin to a wrinkled old white dude that founded a fast-food chain I may've only eaten at once in my entire life, but if this dude hadn't started his company, then this commercial would never've been made:

I'm pretty sure they're serving this thing with a clean tube sock.

Anyway, if you didn't click on the bacon link up there, do so. Then be sure to tune in to Comedy Central tomorrow night at eight Central. Jim Gaffigan kicks all the ass.


Cecil said...

My mom's family lived in San Diego when I was a lad, so I always looked forward to a visit with Mr. Carl when we visited--we didn't have any of 'em out here until a few years ago.

Thing is, as a fast food joint, the place is pretty awesome. Ditto for the Padma Lakshmi commercial.

But they've done SO many other bad ones, particularly the number with the angry, shit-talkin' fetus (which might be the worst thing I've ever seen, anywhere, ever) that they have chased me away to Fatburger.

Cecil said...

"A visit when we visited." Editor, please.

old no. 7 said...

Carl's Jr. is fantastic. I always wondered why I put on like 30 lbs. my freshman year of college, then I realized that a Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger has like 1400 calories. There are onion rings on the burger, dude.

Blanche Feverpiss said...

Little known fact...

The Karchers lived about a block from my dad's family in 1950's Anaheim. Carl was known in the 'hood as the man who had the hot dog stand in LA back then.

One of his son's was a priest at my church when I was a young lad as well. No, I wasn't an alter boy.

When Carl (and his wife a year or so earlier) died about a year ago, the funeral was a very big deal out here. Front page news and all the OC dignitaries coming out to pay homage. He was a great man and made a fantastic burger.

In n Out gets all the press, but Carl's is a solid alternative.