Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

I can't believe this is the first time I've used the above title. Perhaps due to the fact that I'm usually just polluted by this point and incapable of turning on a computer? I dunno.

Anyway, some linkery for you. I won't even make you wait 'til past the jump. That's simply the kind of helpful, plainspoken westerner I am.

L.J. gets probation. WHAT A CROCK HES THE BVESTE PLAYER ON KC /ESPN Chef fan'd

Pat Kirwan owns a spectacular soup-strainer. He also has the Broncos taking two guys they will be really, really lucky to get. Not to mention a Texas-sized bust waiting to happen for KC. I love this mock draft.

Looks like Jim Calhoun, one of the least likeable personalities in sports, will live to talk shit and look old another day. I'd say this helped my brackets, but nothing will help my brackets at this point. Fucking Cleveland State.

There is something wrong with almost every sentence of this blog post. Bill Williamson, master of not knowing what the fuck is going on. Larry Johnson's beef was with the previous regime? Yeah, I'm sure that will help his case. After all, he's getting a fresh start...with a new group that really looks fondly on off-the-field incidents. Especially for 30 year-old running backs that play quotes from Scarface during press conferences. Also, way to not get the context of the Jeff George quote. Fuck me, this guy has a job and I'm working for free.

Really old sea creatures.

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