Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Historically Speaking: 3-10-09

Doin' things a bit out of order today, but I've gotten roughly 600 e-mail messages indicating that most of our readership won't mind. Given such a green light, I'll urge you to get on past the jump for some enthralling bits of largely useful trivia. For reals. I guarantee you'll use it, even if it's only in the form of a very brief, brief comprehension.

* Today in 1951, J. Edgar Hoover declines the position of Major League Baseball commissioner. Ford Frick would eventually accept the job, and hold it for 14 years.

* Six years later, thousands of soccer fans rioted at Windsor Park in Belfast. The mobs rode an emotional roller coaster all afternoon as an initially delayed, fight-laden, suspect-officiated match between the Italians and Northern Ireland came to a close.

* Eddie Sutton, in 1991, became the first NCAA men's basketball coach to four schools to the post-season. He accomplished the feat with Creighton, Arkansas, the University of Kentucky, and Oklahoma State.

* In 1993, Sherry Davis became the first female public-address announcer for a Major League Baseball club. She filled the role for the San Francisco Giants.

* And in 2004, Cecil's all-time favorite NHLer Todd Bertuzzi held a press conference to apologize for hitting Steve Moore in the side of the head during a contest between the Colorado Avalanche and Vancouver Canucks two days prior. Bertuzzi's shot caused Moore a broken neck, a concussion, and deep cuts to the face. The following day, the NHL suspended Bertuzzi for the remainder of the season, the ensuing post-season, and indicated that league officials would later determine if and when the Canuck would be allowed to return to the ice, a decision that would closely consider the progress of Moore's recovery and health.

And your Sports Illustrated quote of the day came from the mouth of...

...the wife of former Chicago Bulls center Dave Corzine. Mrs. Corzine, after a 1984contest between the Bulls and a Moses Malone-less Philadelphia 76ers sqaud, indicated that she could tell that Malone had not played in the game when she said: "I knew something was wrong when Dave came home with no bite marks."