Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fracasita: More Updateage on The Messiah (with Update) (and more Update)

To cut down to it, the Kissing Suzy Kolbers, among others, have put together a couple of good posts this week regarding the sands-throught-the-hourglass riDonculism going on within the organization known as the Denver Broncos Football Club. Links to those posts, just after the jump.

Earlier in the week, the boys over at KSK weighed on the Josh McDaniels-Jay Cutler situation. Now they've straight up written an open letter about the scenario. Some dweezil over at SI thinks this could wind up being a positive, and I suppose it could. One of the fellas at Mile High Report wonders, much like our own Cecil has, if Cutler's agent Bus Cook isn't to blame for the whole thing. With Leather had an entirely different approach to the matter: They think he's gender confused. All I know is that if I'm Jay Cutler, putting on an orange-and-blue jersey beats the heck out of one that's periwinkle and silver.

I'm guessing that some light will finally be shed on this little cracked nest egg when they have their little pow-wow on Monday. Have a fantastic weekend, y'all.

(Update: Wait a minute. What. The fuck:

"With offseason workouts scheduled next week at Dove Valley and uncertainty about whether Jay Cutler will show up, the quarterback on Thursday put his multi-million dollar house in Parker up for sale. "

-- props to Arrowhead Addict)

(Update II: This guy listened to Rich Eisen today, who feels pretty certain that Cutler will be traded on draft day.)