Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All Cutler, All Damn Day

It's all I can think about. Fuck, I'm a retard. My wife got home and said something to me and I called her Sandy Clough and told her she was full of shit. I need help.

This unemployment thing is murder on the ears--the sports talk radio is slowly boring a small but well-defined hole right into my brain. Mike & Mike in the morning, Jim Rome in the early afternoon, a soupcon of Irv and Joe--who are just terrible but somehow like happy hour at the VFW--then the originally-titled Sports Guys, aka Jim Armstrong and Sandy Clough. I can hear the promo for the station's 11th annual Guys' Flight Out in my nightmares.

Cutler, needless to say though I'll do so anyway, was the sole topic of today's conversation. Hell, almost across the board. It pains me to have my team occupy the spotlight like is, for something that has nothing to do with violating the Oakland Raiders remaining scrap of pride or setting fire to Philip Rivers' garage. For a fucking quarterback controversy.

Ol' No. 7 wrote eloquently of the whole mess a week ago. The new developments only reinforce his position: that no matter how many low-info types yell for the new coach's head before he even loses a pre-season game and swear their undying allegiance to the Great and Powerful 6, Jay Cutler needs to get a grip on his emotions, his hair and his poutiness.

Yes, the organization screwed up, and no, no one outside Dove Valley really knows exactly how this went down. Big fat deal. This continuing snit is starting to feel less like righteous anger and more like a back-door way to force a trade. And while evidently no one gives much credence to Peter King's line "he wanted a trade" from earlier, seen in the light of recent events, it certainly starts to have the ring of truth.

Is Bus Cook--who, as I mentioned in the comments earlier, is famous for only three clients, Favre, Steve McNair and Cutler, all of whom have pulled this wah-wah-trade me bullshit--or Jay's daddy working the levers behind the scenes to get him out of town while Jay acts hurt in public? Playing the wounded team leader while attempting to orchestrate a trapdoor exit? All of these stories quote an "unnamed source close to the situation." If that's not his agent or dad, I don't know who it would be.
There's something behind the scenes, here. And if it is what I think it is, then fuck Camp Cutler.


old no. 7 said...

Rich young men whining is compelling theatre. I include both our mopey QB and boyishly naieve head coach in this quagmire.