Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Historically Speaking: 2-10-09

Today, I must congratulate three sets of folks:

1) The Kansas Jayhawks for choking away a decent-sized first-half lead in last night's game in Columbia.
2) The Missouri Tigers for taking advantage of said chokeage, and
3) The Mizzou fans for both a) looking utterly retarded in their MizzouCrew t-shirts, and b) storming the court as if they'd just won the championship.

Nice work. All of you. Having said that...

* Today in 1920 Major League Baseball outlawed pitches that involved tampering with the ball.

* In 1961, the American Football League's Los Angeles franchise was transferred to San Diego, paving the way for terms like SuperCharger and Marmalard.

* Bill White, of New York Yankees fame, became the first black baseball announcer.

* James "Buster" Douglas knocked out heavyweight champ Mike Tyson in in the 10th round in 1990.

* And in unrelated news, "Iron Mike" was convicted of raping Miss Black America contestant Desiree Washington in Indianapolis two years after losing the belt.

And today's Sports Illustrated quote of the day came from the mouth of...

...Andy Roddick, who, circa 2004, said, "I threw the kitchen sink at him, but he went to the bathroom and got a tub," after Roger Federer beat him in four sets in the Wimbeldon final.