Friday, February 27, 2009

Cause it's Free, Free Agency

Both the Broncos and Chefs jumped into the player acquisition season in a big way today. While I was busy packing up my shit, moping and being hung the holy fuck on over, the two teams that form the basis for this blog's rough focus--and if you don't know what that is by now, heaven help you--were busy re-making their rosters.

Follow past the bounce for more...

First, the Chefs trade an undisclosed draft pick for Mike Vrabel, who made a metric tonne of big plays for the Patriots during their Super Bowl years and knows the kind of defense that KC is (presumably) going to run. Although who knows, really? Scott Pioli has his new City of Fountains staff operating under total Radio Silence.

Add Chefs: there was a rumor posted on ESPN and a few other sites that Brian Waters might ask for his release or a trade. Really? The classiest remaining fixture at One Arrowhead Drive trying to talk his way out of town? What could precipitate such an event?

Seems that he had a bad meeting with the new Head Coach--and that Mr. Media Paranoia has refused to meet with him. Hardly seems like the way to start that new tomahawk choppin' dynasty...

Now the Broncos, who evidently have been snorting crushed crystal meth and ginseng, they've gone into this free agency thing so fast--today's signings include running backs J.J. Arrington (coff coff total bust coff) and Correll Buckhalter, who is a good player but has bad knees and is 30, which is young to all the old farts posting here but old for an NFL back. They added a quality backup wideout in the Patriots' Jabar Gaffney and signed the same team's long snapper to a five-year deal. Pioli isn't the only one shaking the Foxborough tree these days.

And, of course, the biggest one of all, which still hasn't been confirmed but which is being discussed on 104.3 The Fan as if it has been: Brian Dawkins. (Hate to link to anything with a Raider focus, because it calls my credibility into question--and these guys also don't know how to spell "perennia"--but that's the source, at least for now.)

That last one honestly shocks me. The guy is 36, yes, but he's a flippin' Hall of Famer and has easily been the best safety in the league during his tenure. But...why did Philly let him go? That's just bizarre. But whatevs. I'll take him.

We'll deal with the "Ray Lewis to Denver?" rumors later. I need to shower before touching that pile.