Saturday, January 10, 2009

Non-Breaking News

I'll fully admit that I noticed this only thanks to, which often manages to offer a genuine nugget o' info amidst the usual welter of lies and innuendo: the Denver Post's Mike Klis wrote a story yesterday evening about the Broncos' coaching search, wherein he identified the candidate pool as having narrowed from seven to five. He also said that Minnesota Vikings D-coordinator Leslie Frazier was under "serious consideration" by the search committee.

And then, this morning, that bit was gone. I didn't do a screen grab on the original, because it didn't really seem all that controversial, plus I'd finished most of a bottle of wine. Clearly, someone on the 6th floor at Colfax and Broadway thought differently. Did someone from Dove Valley call to put the heat on Klis?

And if so, how come Chris "draft Matt Jones, my kid played with him and he's really tall" Mortenson is basically repeating the same info today, but adding that Josh McDaniels is the other current favorite? Intrigue. Chicanery. (Also, why does Klis love Jason Garrett so much? That's the last guy I want. Hell to the fuck no.)

For the record--and this blog is nothing if not a document that will stand the test of time--my guy is Frazier. Has been for a little while, when I wasn't man-crushin' on Coach Raheem or dreaming of a Spagnuoloian Big Blue-style pass rush a mile high. He seems to have the head coachin' temperament, a history of being a part of great, aggressive defenses: not only this year's Vikings, but those turnover machine Bengals teams of the early aughts, Jim Johnson's Eagles, all the way back to his days as a cornerback with the Buddy Ryan Bears. I think the Johnson/Ryan pedigree is a solid one for a defensive guy, and you can get it in a package that doesn't include one of the actual Ryans, who are vag-bags.