Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nickname Needed

What's funny about this hire is that no one knows a God damned thing about Josh McDaniels. Sure, we're hip to his offensive style and play-calling and can project upon him our own visions of the kind of leader he'll be.

But the fact is, none of us have heard him speak. We don't know if he has an accent, or a hot wife, or if he watches Top Chef, or if he's addicted to cigarettes and tanning beds. My wife thinks he's cute, which totally means he can coach the shit out of some football.

One thing that bothers me is that Josh McDaniels is a cumbersome name and needs to be shortened, abbreviated or modified. There are tools out there that will call him J-Mac, but that moniker is already reserved for that special needs kid who drains threes.

I say we call him Doogie. Or, if you want to be formal, Coach Doogie McSparkyshorts.

Don't like it? Leave suggestions in the comments, you jackals.


Kyle said...

Singularize his unnecessarily-plural name.



Commish CH said...

"It's McDaniels, not McDonald's
These rhymes are Josh's, the burgers are Ronald's"

bankmeister said...

Kyle -- that's gay. And dumb.

Commish -- nice line.

The real answer: Mosh McDanahan. Or Mos' Dan for short.