Monday, January 12, 2009

McDaniels My Brother, You're Not Older Than Me

Well, now that we have the new guy in place, what next? What happens to Shanahan's coaching staff? The offensive system? Miles the mascot?

Even though Bowlen has Jeremy Bates under contract already, there's no way he sticks around with Josh the Frosh (add this to comments under 7's last post) calling the plays, which he evidently will. Cutler is on record as being in Bates' corner and has proved to be a temperamental kid thus far, so the loss of favorite coach probably won't endear him to the new guy. Which probably doesn't matter--Cutler, along with Marshall and Royal, won't care who's calling the plays if we're throwing all the time. Which we almost certainly will be.

Leading to the next question: what about our system? The zone-blocking run game, the Shanahanian multiple-looks-from-one-formation passing game? The (at least marginal attempt at a) balanced offense?

I'm not entirely sure, but I think the Patriots do some zone running; as far as the passing game goes, and the accompanying blocking systems, all bets are off. We don't know what this kid is going to do, but it's not going to be what we're used to. He might keep Bobby Turner around, but Rick Dennison is already applying for other jobs.

As far as the defense, we're probably going to end up with Mike Nolan and a 3-4, which we don't have the personnel for, and which he's had mixed results implementing in his various stops around the league. But hey, at least the guy looks tight in a suit.

Add in our murderous schedule--seriously, that thing gives me the cold shivers--and it all adds up to one thing: the 2010 draft will be the Broncos' first top 10 draft pick in more than a decade and a half.


bankmeister said...

Temperamental? More like temper-tantrumamental.