Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Historically Speaking: 1-28-09

I really enjoyed Old No. 7's Super Bowl culinary offerings yesterday, and upon reading it, thought for the rest of the afternoon, that I would today offer some snacktastic wizardries of my own. That was until I awoke at three with my backside ablaze, an appointment with the commode, my first of six (Update: seven) so far today, but who's counting. Needless to say, I'm not feeling very, uh, foody, this morning, so I may put that idea off until the morrow.

I will give a WAHCW the old college try at some point before the clock strikes midnight, as I'm hopeful that this thing will clear up, but I'm not making any promises.

Having shared all of those lovely details, let's have our morning history lesson with some toilet-reading material.

* Today in 1904, the University of Chicago awarded 'C'-emblazoned blankets to all seniors that had played the previous football season, thus the origin of the sports-letter tradition. I imagine those blankets came in handy in the event a teammate ever passed out on the can after a hearty post-game celebration.

* In 1949 the New York football Giants sign Monte Irvin and Ford Smith, the club's first African-American players, to the team.

* Eleven years later the National Football League announces that two new franchises have been awarded: The Dallas Cowboys would debut that season, the Minnesota Vikings the following.

* Nineteen years ago today, Joe Montana earned his third Super Bowl MVP in the championship's 24th contest of that title. Montana and his San Francisco 49ers put 55 points on the board against a rather runny, unsolid opponent.

* Six Super Bowls later, the aforementioned Cowboys made their fifth Super Bowl appearance, and defeated the (mouth-breather?) Pittsburgh Steelers by 10 points. At this point, a terrible towel sounds comforting in lieu of the paper has begun to feel like a rusty saw blade.

And your Sports Illustrated quote of the day comes from the mouth of... Atlanta Brave outfielder Lonnie Smith. Having gone 0-4 against San Diego Padre pitcher Bruce Hurst in 1991, Smith summarized: "It was the best he's ever made me look bad."


Dylan said...

Runny, unsolid.... Colt/Yankee.
Pre-Eli, the best sports tantrum thrown...evah!