Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Historically Speaking: 1-21-09

Jah, mon. After mos' fantastic day in America, dem belly full and we no hungry. Jahs can be sure though that the first couple's a-sleepin' in after 10 tour stops jes' las' night, mon. For some stimulation o' deh brain, click ahead, rastas...

* Today in 1942, a New York judge declares all pinball machines to be...bum, buh-BAH...illegal.

* Twenty years ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers became the first NFL team to win three Super Bowls. They accomplished this feat by beating their kids, then sodomizing them, just like the fan base does the Dallas Cowboys 35-31 in SB XIII in Miami. It would be the first of two consecutive SB MVPs for Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw, who, somehow, by the strange-and-mysterious forces of nature, would later in life land a broadcast job behind the Fox desk. Wonders -- dem never ceasin', yah.

* John McEnroe, while leading Mikael Pernfors in the 1990 Australian Open, is disqualified from the match for throwing a tantrum and using abusive language towards an official. Along with his expulsion from the tournament and a $6500 fine, McEnroe became the first to be tossed from a Grand Slam tournament in 27 years. Braggin' right? Me thinks so, mon.

* Seven years later, New York Yankee Don Mattingly officially announced his retirement. His handsome mustache, however, would continue playing for six more seasons.

* Finally, in 2002, Michael Jordan hits the United Center hardwood for the first time in a non-Bulls uniform. He and the Wizards of Washington post a 77-69 victory over Chicago.

And your Sports Illustrated quote of the day comes from the mouth of...

...Carol James, wife of former University of Washington football coach Don James.

After concluding an impressive 22-year career in coaching, James went on to become a radio show host. When asked (circa 1993) about the transition, his wife said, "Now that Don is a member of the media, I sometimes refuse to talk to him.