Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spying on the Enemy: Week 15, Chargers @ Chiefs

Last year, I had no luck rounding up a fan to interview for "Sleeping with the Enemy." One week, I got in touch with this kid, and we set the thing up, and he no-showed. By the time the second Chiefs-Chargers game rolled around, I decided to blow the whole thing off. That turns out to be a lot less work, and works out well with my strong desires to be lazy. I'm sure I could've contacted someone and put something together for this year's November 9 game in San Diego, but I was super-occupied with a giant case of lazy. Now I'm just continuing a theme. Maybe this will be the new fad: not interviewing Chargers fans. Who knows. I do have one buddy that's a fan of the Bolts, but he's, uh, in the can with 10 years on his shelf. So instead, I'll just peek in on some other Charger bloggers and see what they're up to, after the jump that is.

Chiefs Gab has put together one of those handy injury report thing-a-ma-jigs.

If you're not familiar with the sustained excellence that is the San Diego franchise, you could always catch up with some epic Chargers history.

Ultimately, it's probably best to stick with current San Diego topics, though. That of course means spending some time with Marmalard, that "lights out" douche clock, and the visored one.

We've always joked that Chargers fans are gay. Well, it's no longer a joke. I mean really, really gay. Kinda seems as if some of the folks that cover them are, too. I suppose it's quite possible that the entire city is, but that wouldn't do much in the way of explaining all of the breeding out there.

And I don't even know what's going on here.

Here, however, are some interesting numbers in Chiefs-Chargers history. And here are some of the ladies that root for the Bolts.

SignOnSanDiego is at least focusing on a couple of the Chiefs' better players in '08. They also think highly of KC's chances in 2009.

Can't think of that perfect Christmas gift? Check out the variety here. Also, don't forget about the musically gifted.

There's a dude that's been blogging Bolts since 1995. His modern-day lineup looks like it's 13 years old. But at least it's got a totally awesome classic rock song attached to each post. I'll be visiting those pages frequently as I'm always hankerin' for some Argent or Thin Lizzy.

This cat's calling for a 26-10 Chargers victory over the Chiefs, and a Carolina Panther win against Denver, 31-20.

Wow. Turns out that Chargers bloggers are not near as lazy as I am. Go Broncos Chiefs!