Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Studmuffins: The Sleeper

In the realm of Chief bloggery, Arrowhead Pride is among the best, and this week, primetime 07 put together a post on Tony Gonzalez. The eye-catcher is a chart -- those boys love their charts -- pitting Gonzalez against the top seven tight ends in the league. The numbers show that, among Jason Witten, Chris Cooley, Antonio Gates, John Carlson, Jeremy Shockey, Lieutenant Winslow, and Dallas Clark, Gonzalez leads the pack in catches, yards, touchdowns, and first downs.

What'd the man say? The tight end, is in fact, the sleeper. That is all.

(image courtesy of the Googles, via some guy with a camera)


Lieutenant Winslow said...

Gonzalez is pretty good, but I'm a bleepin soldier.