Saturday, December 13, 2008

Football. And a Little Something Less

Rest easy, you win-starved residents of Royalville--it's Kyle Farnsworth to the rescue!

Kyle Farnsworth will always be newsworthy. Because he is really tall, yes, and once had some promise as a closer in the Windy City; but more because he is a blood-drinking son of a bitch who will beat your ass.

Which rules. But would be a much better professional attribute if he played hockey, or beat up junkies and loan sharks for the mob. His most demonstrable baseball skill over the course of the last few seasons has been economic, in that he's good at getting paid a lot of money for being a mediocre pitcher. Which has to make his parents happy, at the very least.

In other news, the Broncos are playing a relatively important football game tomorrow. Let's try to make some sense of it after the leap.

So D.J. Williams might be back and Champ, maybe not. I'd rather D.J. kept it parked at the moment, what with Wesley Woodyard playing so well--but #24 we need, and badly. I even liked Spencer Larsen over Nate Webster when that was a possibility. As bad as they were at the start of the season, why not roll with the utes?

Who says starters can't lose their jobs to injury? That's crazy talk from the leather helmet age. This team needs to develop an attitude and the way to do that is play the young guys you've drafted. I'd rather grow with Woodyard than watch D.J. continue to play like he was late for his chess lesson.

No matter who's out there, the cognoscenti expect Carolina to run for about 440 yards and 9 touchdowns. Maybe. But there are a few things about this game that bug me:

The point spread. Carolina is giving 7 at home. Doesn't that number seem a tad high? Yeah, they neutered Tampa, but divisional games are different. This is a team that allowed Atlanta to score 45 on them three weeks ago.

The--get this, about to coin a phrase--trap game factor
. Last week was the big divisional matchup against the Fey Pirates of North Florida. Next week will be a game against the Giants that could potentially decide home field advantage in the NFC. And what with the current Broncos meme remaining, ignorant of recent results, that Denver can't stop anyone on the ground, I think a little fat-n-happy might set in on the Cats' side.

Carolina's douchebag fans. Ol' No. 7 covered this already, but we should keep repeating it. Over and over.


old no. 7 said...

I agree wholeheartedly that the spread is out of whack. I saw 7 1/2, even juicier. Look, Carolina could steamroll these Broncos, but if Cutler protects the football they can hang with anyone.

And just wait for the combo of Tatum Bell and Cory Boyd, whom I've nicknamed Steal & Squeal. Tinkle & Sprinkle?